What is a floating frame?

We frame the papercuts using floating frames meaning the papercut is sandwiched between two sheets of glass, it is a beautiful way to display your papercut and adds a real hiqh quality finish to our family tree design. They cast beautiful shadows in the right light and has the added bonus of going with all decor styles.  All our papercuts come with the option of being framed or unframed, and with different framing options available there is something for all tastes. Our frames are handmade in the UK from sustainable wood.

They can either be framed in a Floating or a Shadow frame, in either white, light wood or dark wood.


The Shadow frames allows the papercut to float over a white backing whereas the Floating frames do not have a backing so will show through the wall behind.  Both frames are wall mountable but they are also chunky enough to be freestanding.

 Example of a floating frame in white wood:   Example of a shadow frame in dark wood:     
 10156045_586756038089168_1028869701406107395_n  20140708_120224


If you are not fussed about having "awesome shadows" you can frame your papercut in a standard frame with a contrasting background, or paint a piece of card the same as your walls or even use a bit of wallpaper, the options are endless but are sure to be effective.

Unframed papercuts are supplied inside a cellosleeve, protected by a piece of recycled ribbed card and then added to a boarded envelope. If you need any more help with framing, get in touch or email [email protected]