So this is me...

So this is me...eventually I might update the photo as I have aged a bit (a lot!) since then but as I hate having my photo taken and my photographer aka my husband is like most husbands and absolutely useless at getting a photo I like, it's obviously his photo taking skills and nothing to do with me being for now this will have to do the job.

I have always been "crafty" so when my First Wedding Anniversary arrived I decided to make something unique for my husband, as you traditionally give a paper gift I decided to create my first ever papercut using some lyrics from our first dance song. He loved it and after that I was hooked on papercutting!

The Crafty Calf in person

Fast forward to April 2013 we had our first child, in amongst the nappies, lack of sleep and spilt milk I had the crazy idea to start The Crafty Calf.  In October 2013 my idea became reality, my second child, The Crafty Calf was born.

I take inspiration from everything around me –   animals, music, family, inspirational quotes and nature. My biggest inspiration comes from our Daughter, she is very crafty too which is probably the one trait she has inherited from me!

I have had the pleasure of creating thousands of precious keepsakes for people all over the world. I have even created some for a few famous faces too! I thoroughly enjoy making each piece and with each one being different and ‘moo’nique it makes them even more special.

Love The Crafty Calf

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